Wil Wheaton the sexist?

WWdN: In Exile: hillary clinton: the psycho ex-girlfriend of the democratic party

To start, this is an excellent post on the current state of the democratic primaries and why Hilary Clinton may be hurting the party just out of arrogance and spite.  She might not, of course, maybe she is in denial and doesn’t realise what she’s doing, that isn’t even the point, the point is the effect her actions are having – and that’s what is discussed here.

But don’t stop there, flick through some of the comments.  They are HILARIOUS.  Truly.  At no point when I was reading this post did I think “wow, that’s sexist” at any point.  Wow this is funny, sure.  Wow, how true – yep.  But never, wow how sexist.

Here, i’ll spell it out.  -There is nothing sexist in that post.-

And again for the cheap seats at the back -There is nothing sexist in that post.-

It shouldn’t need to be said, particularly as Wil has said it twice in his updated post already, but obviously it does.  Read the comments, they’re great, they’re by halfwits, they’re by people who, to use an Australian phrase, are a couple of stubbies short of a six pack. 

My personal favorite is the self-righteous mug who says “You don’t get to decide what is sexist!”, to which there can only be one reply: “So, why do you?”

Seriously people, who died and made you lord high executioner?

I’ll tell you what sexist is.  Sexist is when a woman is constantly passed over for promotion/job/benefits for no other reason than someone thinks a “woman can’t do it.”

Sexist is a police officer who doesn’t bother working a rape case hard because the girl wore a short skirt and was “asking for it”

I also heard of a nurse who abused her trainees so terribly, with poor reviews and screaming fits, that they dropped out of the industry altogether, because she didn’t think men could be good nurses.  That is sexist.

Hell lets get personal, I myself have been a victim of sexism when I was too young to even understand what was going on.  Thats right, a white, european descent male can also be a victim of sexism.

Sexism is -not- describing character flaws of a public figure in an amusing way.  As Wil quite succintly points out, comparing Hillary Clinton to a psycho ex-girlfriend is not sexism, because the comparative quality in that statement is “psycho ex-“.  Everyone has had psycho ex’s, men and women both, i’ve known plenty of men and women with real horror stories about their previous relations and the reactions that occured after breakup.

Hilary is acting like a psycho ex-girlfriend, because it would be somewhat more insulting to call her a psycho ex-boyfriend.  She is, after all, a woman.

Understand that by making claims like this you not only show yourself for an idiot, you insult all those people who really -have- been victims of sexism, racism, or any other form of discrimination.  It is wonderful that in the modern times, sexism is gradually becoming less and less prevalent and far less accepted.  It is somewhat less wonderful that many of the people who feel the need to take up arms in defence of the cause nowadays have never themselves known true discrimination, just imagined or misconstrued discrimination.  Hell, sometimes I think these people -want- to be discriminated against, just to justify their own sense of outrage and persecution.

The funniest thing, of course, is that there is no way anyone commenting on the Democratic primaries can escape this.  Lets face it – if he was a Clinton supporter and said that Obama was rigging the votes, or should have allowed a new election, or whatever thing clinton supporters are saying at the moment, the response would be pretty much the same.

Wil, you’re a racist.

As the Brits say, what a load of bollocks.