Goodbye Glass House

Last night was the last ever episode of the great TV Show the Glass House, which has been axed from the ABC (our gov sponsored television station) despite the best ratings this year it has ever had, and despite being one of the more popular shows on the channel.

Another great Aussie treasure destroyed by our government.

They leave us with a hilarious, one-word joke that describes both the current government and, in particular, Prime Minister John Howard.  This courtesy of David Kosh.

John Howard is a Bonzai.  A small Bush 😉



I’d just like to say sorry to anyone who came hoping to find more reviews and were disappointed.  I was planning to do a lot more but illness and an overload of work all of a sudden prevented that from occurring.

I havn’t been blogging technical solutions lately because i’ve had more problems than solutions.

Hopefully i’ll be able to provide more soon. If I manage to find more time to sample more of the IF games then I will post reviews here, or to SPAG, or both.

Votes should be in now or soon and results soon to be posted. Best of luck everyone!