Silence broken

Well, i’ve been silent for quite a while now. I seem to often spend a lot of time in design and documentation work these past few months so I don’t often come across interesting problems to solve. Hopefully that will change, at least a little, from this point on.

It is quite gratifying to know that many of my articles, some years old, are still being read and commented on today. Thanks to everyone who has left a comment over the years, it’s nice to know that I’ve been of some help.


2 thoughts on “Silence broken

  1. Glad you’re back to blogging. Just wanted to say hi! and see how this following bit of information might help you in any of your future articles: With the launch of CMST in the market, there is a defined career path available for IT professionals as they can first get certified as a CSTE (Practitioner level) and can then upgrade to CMST (Manager level) after gaining about 8 years of exp in Testing –

  2. .. Are you suggesting I give up my architect job to become a tester for the next eight years, or am I misreading this?

    Obvious Akismet missed this one.

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