Why the USA should continue to control the internet

I never thought i’d say this but this guy:
Makes a really good case for why control of IANA and its support structures should remain in American hands. Whilst it certainly sounds good to have an independent international body in control it would be foolish and wrong to ignore history.

The fact that international countries would attempt to convince an international body to accede to their wishes and impose their form of censorship on the entire net (something which is currently not possible) should be beyond question. If you think the Islamic countries wouldn’t like anti-Islam pages gone you’re foolish, and if you think China wouldn’t love free-Tibet pages invisible then you’ve been asleep the last decade. If you think it couldn’t happen, you haven’t been paying enough attention to the UN and the Human Rights Council, to name one example.

There are proponents of censorship in just about every country with a significant interest in the internet and an “independent” controlling body would be the perfect platform for these groups to work together to impose their own strictures.

Better then is to leave it how it is. It is a hefty responsibility, but the USA have done fine so far, and they do have a significant and -vocal- portion of their community who are serious about protecting freedom of speech, something lacking in many other countries.

Personally, it worries me a great deal to see the potential for abuse resting firmly in the hands of Americans, who have proven over the last eight years that they are quite capable of embracing fanaticism as a nation and quite capable of being rule by fear. It is telling that even in the depths of this period however, freedom of speech on the internet remained untouched (as best we can tell).

I think I’m more comfortable with it being in the hands of people who so far haven’t abused it, when you compare it to say.. Australian’s communications minister Stephen Conroy. Control of the entire internet? That sounds like a sexual fantasy of Conroy’s.

Also this post wouldn’t be readable in that horrible otherworld, as use of the word Sexual is offensive to pure Christian ears.


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