Pirate Party takes seats in the European Parliment

Pirate Party wins seat in European Parliament • The Register

Apparently membership and support for the controversial party has spiked recently following the circus that has been the Pirate Bay trial.

In case you’ve missed the coverage, here are the highlights. 

1. The judge in the trial found the founders of the Pirate Bay guilty of copyright violations and liable for a four year term of imprisonment. 

2. The defence moved for a mistrial following revelations that the judge was actually a member of the same copyright special interest groups as the prosecuting lawyers and their clients.

3. Another judge was assigned to review the case to determine the extent of the bias and whether a mistrial was called for.

4. -This- judge was also then asked to step down, following revelations that they too were a member of the same group.

Personally, I think this series of events defies all belief.  It’s a bad conspiracy plot from a hack novelist.  Just how many judges do these people have in their pockets anyway?

Welcome to the 21st century.


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