Google Chrome

Whilst the whole world is going batshit over Google’s surprise new entry into the browsing market, just a few quick comments.

– It’s nice and clean, looks pretty and has some very interesting ideas (process per tab, internal process manager etc).

– It doesn’t support any kind of extension framework a-la firefox, and so is unlikely to be a candidate for full-time switching yet for many people who are firefox users. This is strange as these people seem to be Google’s target demographic, given the amount of words spent describing shiney tech features such as the seperate-process-space-per-tab feature.

– In the very short (20 mins) time I spent playing with it, it failed to display quite a few pages properly. Amongst them, Google Reader and Google Account Login. They’re not kidding this time when they say “Beta”.

– It might be somewhat disturbing to see the slight meshing of typical OS functionality and browser functionality, and the way Chrome is encroaching slightly onto space typically thought of as OS controlled. This might say something about the Google philosophy.

– It’s early days yet. Going forward, Google have the ability and resources to make a major grab in this area. I’m sure saying that both Mozilla and Microsoft are paying attention would be an understatement.

– Back on the pc for this post, and it’s far quicker and more comfortable than writing them on an iPhone. iPhone post functionality is likely best for short posts when away from the desk.


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