Another Ebook seller goes DRM free

Select O’Reilly Books Soon on Kindle, and as DRM-free Digital Bundles (Including EPUB) – Tools of Change for Publishing

Three cheers for O’Reilly, though I note they are still “examining custom watermarking solutions”. They don’t work either i’m afraid, but at least they don’t restrict usage for the purchaser. Could it be that publishers are finally starting to understand what so many authors have been saying?

The introduction to “Little Brother” by Cory Doctorow said it best. Most authors have far less to worry about from piracy than from obscurity – even in the competitive world of tech books – and by the time they’re popular enough for piracy to have an actual impact (more damage than good done), you’re also popular enough that the total losses are so small as to be absorbable.

On that topic by the way, anyone who hasn’t read Little Brother yet – go do it. Peer into the near future and understand just how terrible the world the government has planned for you is.

Enjoy the ride, Citizen.


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