The Scalzi Hatemail Contest

Whatever » “Hate Mail” Contest: Be in the Book!

Over at Whatever John Scalzi is running a contest based on his upcoming book “Your Hatemail Will Be Graded”, a book about the last ten years he has been running his blog. If you’re a fan of Scalzi (as I am), you’ve probably already preordered yourself one of the limited edition copies when he announced them a few weeks ago and are currently waiting less-than-patiently for september to roll around so they’ll arrive all crisp, fresh and signed in your mailbox.

In the meantime, Scalzi has thrown open this post in a request for creative abusive hatemail. The best posters will win copies of the book when it is published as well as have their hatemail published in the back of the book. The very best entry will be featured on the book jacket.

Sounds like a bit of fun, I know i’ll be heading over there later on tonight to have a bash. Drop in to try out, or just gape in awe at the vitriol, filth and obscenity his readers can throw at him.


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