Interview with Cory Doctorow

I’m not the worlds biggest Doctorow fan i’m afraid.  I’ve read through some of his stuff, I remember enjoying “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom” but I can’t remember much about it, which says it didn’t really speak to me.  (Something about community reputation systems as currency from memory).

I’m currently reading his latest “Little Brother” however, courtesy of creative commons, and i’ll be heading to my local bookstore tonight to ask them to get in a couple of copies if they don’t have it already, one for me and one for a workmate who I know will love it.

Cory Doctorow | The A.V. Club

Here is Cory talking about his new book, and other stuff.  I’ll post more about it once it’s finished but just from the first third I can say this: This is the book that every American must read.  The book that every Australian must read.  The book that every Englander must read. 

Simply said, this is the book that -everyone- must read.  It’s a warning of what might be coming, and soon, as well as an exploration of the things we can do to protect ourselves from our own government.

It’s brilliant.


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