Still Alive (or: A Sheep! A Sheep! My kingdom for a Sheep!)

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been a while (a long while) between updates, but I have had a busy time indeed.  I finally tied to knot with my beautiful wife Bronwyn in December.  We had a short signing ceremony on the 21st to get the legalities out of the way and a proper ceremony and reception on the 22nd.

I wrote the ceremony we had myself, cannibalising a wiccan handtying ceremony to be somewhat more personal to us. Everything went far better than we could have hoped.  We were married at her parent’s farm, in a field of wheat grown for us.  It was overcast and had threatened to rain with spits a few times throughout the day.  I walked the loooong mile, flanked by my groomsmen and parents, and waited at the front with my heart in my throat when Bron stepped into the field and started walking down the aisle.

Just as she did, the sun broke from behind the clouds and shone straight down on her.  It looked magical, and more than one of my guests broke out in tears.

For me, that sums up the entire wedding.  I couldn’t have any doubt or worry after that.

The next day we were up early (with pounding heads) and on a plane for Sydney where we spent two decadent weeks on board an American cruise ship, the Celebrity Mercury, cruise back past Melbourne, Hobart and over to New Zealand.  For both of us, the first time out of the country, and an incredible experience.  It was breathtakingly beautiful over there.

They are awfully fond of sheep though.  You might not know, unless you’ve spent time over here, that Australians tend to make jokes about our erstwhile New Zealand cousin’s fondeness for woolen animals, and in return they cast the same aspersions on our good name.  I always thought they were just good-spirited ribbing of the sort both our country’s people are fairly renowned for.

But really, they have a lot of sheep.  Really a lot.  We saw sheep when we first got off the boat in Dunedin.  There were sheep just outside wellington, in all the tourist information centeres there were pictures and postcards of sheep and little stuffed sheep.  There was a chain of shops called “I love Marino” which makes you wonder.

In Port Tauranga, we even saw sheep at the beach!


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