Android already making waves

This is a particularly interesting look at the effects of Android’s implementation strategy.

When is Java not Java? | The Register

If you’re a developer and you havn’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Android by now.  The multi-million dollar prizes being offered for early development successes is a strong motivation for people that may have otherwise been apathetic, or even resistant to yet another application framework, to get involved and try out the shiny new libraries.

I would be lying if I said I too wasn’t tempted.

But now the eyes will be on Sun.  If they decide to go to court over this bypassing of the licence agreements, it will bad for their hard-won open-source friendly reputation, which means they will likely only do so if they are really frightened by Androids potential.

Markets can move on the strength of one response.  I’m sure lots of people with a stake in the mobile market are waiting to see what Sun thinks (or wants us to think it thinks, anyway.)


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