Lovecraft Interactive Fiction

Unlike my brother, I don’t have much of a stomach for horror. I avoid horror movies most of the time and Stephen King is one author I have never given a second chance – however there is something about the Lovecraft stories that I find compelling and keep being drawn back to, despite getting the creeps.  Shadows over Innsmouth is classic creep fiction that I first heard as a radio dramatisation that left me cold.

If you like that sort of thing and are interested at all in interactive fiction (something I have waxed lyrical about in the past), give the Lovecraft Commonplace Books project a look. The interactive fiction community has a small but dedicated core of authors and organisers and at least one of them has written some work for the project – I also note that its organised by one of the few people to make a successful go at producing and selling modern interactive fiction since the 80’s heydays of Infocom and legend.

Give it a look in any case. I’ve downloaded the best of gallery to check out and expect to quite enjoy it 😉  I’ve seen some other work by the community that are a tad Lovecraftian (not to mention The Lurking Horror by Infocom) and they tend to be quite fun.


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