IF Review – On again off again

As per the discussion on rec.games.it-fiction, I’ve decided to re-post the reviews after all and continue producing them.  I must admit I lost a bit of enthusiasm there – seems that people who think ideas are bad tend to shout louder than those who think ideas are good, but it seems like a couple of people are interested, and that’s enough for me.

I haven’t got a new review to post today, as the last few days have been hectic work-wise, but I’ll try to get another one or two done tonight ready.  I have played a few more of the games and there are a couple in particular that I have really enjoyed so far.

Please feel free to comment, but lets keep things civil ok? You can dislike my opinion so much that you hate me and my entire family and wish to kill us, but that’s no reason not to be polite.  😉

Remember, if you find yourself attacking the person, rather than the work or the words, then you’ve lost your point somewhere way back down the line.


2 thoughts on “IF Review – On again off again

  1. Since you kindly went to the trouble of posting your reviews of the ifcomp 2006 games, why not add them to the http://www.ifreviews.org project? That’s a special place created to host them for all to see and compare with other reviewers opinions.

    They will all be ‘hidden’ and only displayed after the ifcomp06 deadline.

    By the way… I liked reading them…

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