The Interactive Fiction Competition

Well, its that time again.  IFComp 2006 has rolled on around, the entries have been made and the games are available for download.

I’m looking to actually judge this year, and if anyone else out there wants to give that a try, go on over and download the games pack (and register your intent to vote) at

I’m also going to review the games as I play them and post the reviews here on my blog, so if you’re looking to judge them yourselves, you might want to play and make your judgement before reading anything I have to say about a particular game so that your senses aren’t swayed by expectations.

If you’ve never played an interactive fiction game before then you must be under twenty. 😉  It is perhaps difficult to understand the appeal if you don’t remember the heady days of zork, witness and infocom, or the beauty of legend entertainment or magnetic scrolls.  I still smile to think of the time I wasted on Guild of Thieves without ever getting anywhere.

In anycase, the ifcomp is a great place to get a sample of modern day interactive fiction, though you may want to wait until the votes are in so you can start your explorations with some of the better games, rather than get discouraged by accidently choosing a bad speciman.  If you don’t want to wait, you can always start with the games from the 2005 ifcomp.

Its important to note however that most ifcomp games are designed to be beaten within 2 hours. Unlike infocom games which were designed to still torment you 20 years down the track ;).  There are longer works out there, but you’ll probably need to get more involved in the society to find them.  Anchorhead comes to mind as an excellent example.

In anycase, check back later for my IF Comp reviews and information.


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