The Empress and the Minion

Belated congratulations to my friends over at the infinite phoenix too. They tied the knot on Sat 30th September and i’m told she even mentioned his future career in their vows (Minion.)

All the best to the both of you, and I hope you’re really enjoying yourselves off cavorting through Europe while the rest of us struggle to keep things afloat back here.  😉

This is the third marriage in my workplace and the fourth around me (My fiance’s brother tied the knot a few weeks ago as well).  I guess it’s time to start planning our wedding. I’ll take this opportunity to send a quick shower of kisses out to my beautiful fiancee Bronwyn, who I know doesn’t read my blog anyway 😉 But does help to keep me rising each day. I love you Bron.


One thought on “The Empress and the Minion

  1. toldja I’d read it if there was more about me in it! 🙂

    It’s not hard to be a coder’s muse;
    – just make sure you stock the kitchen with a steady supply of corn chips and coke.
    – practice the “knowing look” for those thoughtful technical and infinately confusing discussion times
    – and get a cat, they have the same bio-cycles, crazy-sleepy-hungry-crazy-inspired

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