SEE! Evil walks in this world.

Didn’t I tell you.

I bet Katherine Harris loves the idea of those armour of faith pyjamas.  This woman is going into politics, and if you dont understand what my problem was with the last rant, just take a read of a few of her statements and you’ll understand.  People like her are the reason the iraq war happened.  People like her are the reason 9/11 happened. Hell, people like her are the reason the fucking crusades happened!

Just a few titbits.  Apparently she thinks not only that God chooses America’s leaders but that the seperation of church and state is a bad idea that wasn’t what the founding fathers wanted.  Let me fill you in on what happens when you have a tight integration of church and state, for those who missed history class.  Its happened many times in the past.  When a state has a single unified religion there is no room for other religions. Followers of said other religions are persecuted, beaten, killed.  Eventually they flee persecution to somewhere where the government isn’t controlled by a particularl religion. You know, like the persecuted FLEEING ENGLAND FOR AMERICA.

They’d be rolling in their graves now, the pioneers who built your country. 

Katherine Harris would have the christians in charge.  If that happened, what would happen to all the muslims living peacefully (well, as peacefully as they can these days) in America’s borders? The buddhists? Jews?  What about the Wiccans?  Remember Salem is something imprinted on many minds, and there weren’t even any real witches there.  What would happen when they got their hands on some honest to goodness, practicing witches? I shudder to think.

Some other things the good Katherine believes.  She believes a life consisting of only 2 cells is worth protecting, but a homosexual isn’t.  A direct quote – “Civil rights have to do with individual rights and I don’t think they apply to the gay issues. I have not supported gay marriage and I do not support any civil rights actions with regard to homosexuality.”

Its only a short step from there to “I don’t support civil rights for homosexuals.” Which is what she really believes.

She is “adamantly” opposed to embryonic stem cell research, despite the fact that stem cells are the single best chance at curing many diseases.  Some companies have also been claiming a way to get the cells without destroying an embryo (hopefully that’ll bring people closer together on this important issue.)

She’ll quite happily condemn people to a painful death rather than allow the destruction of a single unwanted, embryo, which the law points out is a collection of simple cells, not a person.

The real problem is, if I met this woman, i’d probably quite like her.  Until I got to know her opinions on certain matters anyway. She’s probably quite nice and pleasant to spend time with.  However, you cannot forgive anyone who would take away your freedoms to satisfy their own belief structure.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.  Take your eyes off the ball for a second, and people like this will steal it and make it a crime to play.


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