Frank Zappa in 1986

YouTube – Frank Zappa on Crossfire -=(1986)

Heres a video of Frank Zappa talking about censorship on songs. Half way through, Zappa says “The greatest threat to America today is not Communism; it’s moving America towards a fascist theocracy.”

They laugh at him, even the thought is ridiculous to these people who are used to their freedoms.  America, and Australia, are both less free today than they were in 1986.  I wonder if any of those people are still laughing.

Other than Zappa of course. Whichever afterlife he’s in, he is laughing his ass off.  The guy is a prophet.

The guy on this video tries to justify censoring by comparing songs using the word “Fuck” to the words used by Hitler to incite the holocaust.  He believes this is a fair comparison!


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