You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Boing Boing: Armor of God kids pajamas

Children’s pyjamas’s, representing the armour of the lord.  Ok, i’ll wait a few moments while you go check out the link.  Take your time, read the text.  I’ll be in the corner dying of laughter, just wake me when you get back.

Back? Whew. That was a close one. Almost lost a lung there.

Now that we’ve expressed our mirth at these young children, carrying a literal shield emblazoned with the word faith, and truly wearing “Truth” about his loins, I feel the need to point out a few things.  These things don’t make me smile, they make me angry.

And this goes out to every idiot christian, hell, devout believer of any canned religion, who mindlessly accepts dogma without THINKING about it.  This woman reads Ephesian’s 6:10-18 to her daughter every night before sleep.  For those of you not entirely familiar with ephesians, this passage is a metaphor relating the belief in god’s protection to physical armour (hence the pyjama’s).

Whilst this isn’t so bad at first sight, I myself am quite familiar with the other things in the old testament and later parts of the new testament.  Its a powerful and inspiring book.  However its not something I believe you should be reading to children each night without making a point of setting the context.  This, its been my experience, is rarely done. Mostly because those parents who wish to read the old testament to their children are so indoctrinated that they themselves have no idea of the context most of these words were written in.

The testaments are violent. The metaphors it makes are violent.  These days people talk about the light of truth, back then it was the Sword of truth.  The books were written to comfort groups, the jews in the old testament and the early christians in the new, that were being killed for their belief.  It promised them salvation, it promised them rewards for their martyr deaths, it promised them a sword with which they would one day wreak their revenge on those that opressed them.  If not in this life, than the next, where they can witness the torture of unbelievers.  Remember, those in depth visions of hell that you can find all through classical literature aren’t -only- about scaring people into doing what’s right, they’re a promise – that this is what will happen to the people that wrong you.

If you think your kids need that sort of strengthening, that your kids will be tested to the extent that fledgling christians were in the century or two after christ’s death, or the extent that the jews were tested during their multiple enslavements to the egyptians, to the romans? If, in the modern day, you think its important that your children view their faith as armor, then you either live in the middle-east, or you’re one of the panicy american christians who are responsible for letting that happen.

Lets face facts, its fashionable at the moment to point fingers at muslims. For their overly strict interpretations of scripture, their treatment of women (and read closer christian’s, your bible is no better with regards to how women should be treated), and, of course, for their cults of suicidal terrorists.

However there are factions of Christians who are just as bad. Just as terrifying and dangerous. Just as deranged as these boogey muslim men that George Bush wants you to fear. And they don’t live in the middle east, they live in your town, your suburbs and your cities. America went from being a refuge for those fleeing religious persecution to being the main powerbase for fanatics of many types. These would have you bomb muslim countries – not because of what they do to their women. Not because they have invisible weapons of mass destruction and not because they “hit us first.”.  They love the war on terror because it kills muslims. And Muslims are “Not Christian”.

There are those who believe it is ok to kill abortion doctors.  Who believe that all the foreigners need is to be brought into the fold and taught the wisdom of christ.

They’re out there. And they’re buying these Pyjamas.


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