Windows Live Writer

Well, this is my first post using the new windows live writer, a beta blogging application from Microsoft that you can get from here.  It’s interesting. Quite pretty in parts.  Doesn’t seem to be playing particularly nice with WordPress I must say, the web layout modes and web preview mode don’t look particularly nice – certainly nothing like I would expect it to look after publishing.  The ‘Normal’ view isn’t bad, a simple word-processor like window.  I can set the categories, save drafts and the like.

Really though, it doesn’t at first glance seem to offer anything performancing doesn’t… and performancing lets me blog from inside my browser. 

I can see there might be a market for this, particularly for people who want easier ability to add photos and the like to their posts.  They need to make it play nicer with the various blog systems though. 

Well, time to hit publish and see how this goes.


PS: Now that the post is finished, web layout mode still looks ridiculous, but web preview mode looks reasonably close to what I expect i’ll get.  Not too bad.


2 thoughts on “Windows Live Writer

  1. FYI… web layout mode is only supposed to be accurate with respect to the part of the page where the actual post appears. In other words, it resembles your blog enough that you can accurately lay out your post, without distracting you with your blogroll, header graphics, etc.

    We tried an editable view that was much closer to web preview, but it actually turned out to be pretty annoying.

  2. Ah ok, it was still doing something odd to mine though. Where the title, and the top part of the post was, it displayed a strange image. Stars and a moon, skyline type thing.

    That was the only image it showed, then just a blank page. Was even more irritating because a) that image isn’t even on my blog (that I can see) and b), you couldn’t read the text over the image properly.

    I’m sure it wasn’t what you guys intended.

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