Ok, so it worked ok. I came back to Performancing pretty fast though.  I think its the whole blog-in-your-browser bit that weighs in for me.  If i’m going to use yet another standalone program day-to-day, its got to be doing something seriously great that performancing doesn’t.  I doubt i’d use extra features anyway. I always forget to use a spell-checker, even when it is available, and I know how this is going to look when I publish it so I don’t really need to see a preview.

In anycase, I found out about Windows Live Writer from Scott Gu’s blog, which I found from that new Nubie and Guru site I blogged about early. They’re earning some serious kudos for such an early blog, the only link on their blogroll was to this fantastic blog.

ScottGu’s Blog

Which has plenty to talk about when it comes to .Net 2.0 and Microsoft technologies.  I immediately added him to my newsreader (I use feedreader – it took a great program to get me out of my browser for that too, but Feedreader and newsgator did it.) and marked a whole bunch of articles for closer reading later. He’s posting a lot of information about talks he’s giving at Tech-Ed NZ and Aus right now.

TechEd. Where I expected to be right now.  Oh well, maybe next year.  It’s a pity, there are a few people I would have liked to have met this year, and Scott Gu is just another to add to the pile.

If you’re there, lucky bast$#….. enjoy! 😉 And drop in on Jaimie at the UniqueWorld stall.  Tell him Nick Bronson sent you 😉


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