Well. It’s over.

So ends the Australian campaign for the World Cup.  We got further than anyone expected and proved to the world that we could make a challenge.

But i’m sure i’m not the only one disappointed with how it ended.  I don’t want to insult the Italian team at all, the played a brilliant defensive game and in the end deserved to win as much as we did.  Just not like that.  If I were an Italian team supporter, I’d be no less dissapointed with how the match ended (although, I guess that is balanced by the fact that they one.)

We had controversy in our first match with the official.  Ok we said, anyone can have a bad day. The official even apologised for his worst decision.  The official for the Brazil match likewise made a few errors in judgement, however we didn’t make too much of a fuss – overall we thought the match went pretty well.  No-one expected us to actually beat Brazil of course, and the showing we put in made all Aussie’s proud.

When I saw some of the poor decisions the referee made in the third game I was puzzled.  I would have thought the quality of officials would be better than this in the world cup.

After watching last night’s game, I think it is quite obvious that we are not welcome in FIFA or the world cup.  This might seem a bold statement to anyone unfamiliar with the way Australian football has been screwed by Fifa over the last decade or so, but its pretty obvious to us. So much for kick racism out of football.  I would have accepted even three poorly referee’d matches as just co-incidence, but four matches with obviously poor calls going against the Australian team? Crap.

I just wish it’d gone to extra time. Or even penaltys. Then if we lost, we would have been beaten by a better team and there is no dishonour in that. Italy is a great team, they played a great match.  I just wish they’d beaten us, rather than the referee.


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