Slave Hack Companion Addendum

Actually, I should probably provide some quick instructions to get you going if you download my utility, it’s not all self evident.

You’ll use the “Run Entry” tab most of all.  I set that up to mimic an average slave run.  You enter the ip and password (option) and then clear the log on entry, so save whatever is there in the “entry log” part (optional) and again clearing when you leave (exit log).  THen just hit add.  That page brings together the functionality of the other pages, where you can review the logs and passwords you’ve save.

If you’ve already been to this particular ip before, it will add the password/logs to that ip rather than creatign a duplicate entry.

Also, the “untried” section, just clicking on one of the ips on that list automagically copies it to the clipboard.  Click log scan will scan -all- the logs you’ve saved and extract any ips it finds. 

The rest should be self evident. Feel free to leave any questions.


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