The Laptop, the Headphones and the Crack Dealer

My name is Nick Bronson. And i’m an addict.

It’s amazing how easy it is for the time to fly as I code, solve admin problems and listen to audio books. I’m hooked.  Not just audiobooks either, but podcast novels that their crazy authors are handing out, piece by piece to a ravenous public, for absolutely free.

And not just any podcast novels. Scott Sigler’s podcast novels.  The last two weeks, whilst at work, i’ve ripped through both Earthcore (thus joining the legion of “Earthcrackheads” as he calls his original fans), and then ate up every word of Ancestor (and thus becoming an Ancestwhore.  I’m sensing a pattern.)  Now i’m about to join the realm of the infected with his latest podcast novel in progress – Infection.  If you havn’t heard his work, you’re missing out. Start with Earthcore from podiobooks.  Do yourself a favor.

Oh, but if you’re of the nervous disposition.  Read during the day. Prefereably the middle of the day. Surrounded by people.

Not at midnight, in the dark, alone in your room. 

Visit him at  Tell him I sent you. Tell him I said he could fix you up.  The first hit’s always free my friends.


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