Albums to Listen to before you Die

If you were reading my blog some time ago you'll remember I stumbled across this meme. Albums to listen to before you die. Interested, I picked it up and added my picks to the list but couldn't just leave it there – I decided to go out of my way to try and listen to some of these albums.  I'll record my thoughts – as well as the list itself – here.

 The List – Items marked bold show albums i've managed to listen to. If you look up the original list in the blog archive, you can see i've come a fair way.

  • Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles
  • London Calling – The Clash
  • Blood Sugar Sex Magik – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Think Tank – Blur
  • This is Hardcore – Pulp
  • Moon Safari – Air
  • Elastica – Elastica
  • Never Mind the Bollocks Here?s the Sex Pistols – Sex Pistols
  • OK Computer – Radiohead
  • The Kiss of Morning – Graham Coxon
  • Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars – David Bowie
  • The Wall – Pink Floyd
  • Setting Sons – The Jam
  • America Beauty – The Grateful Dead
  • Toxicity – System of a Down
  • Train a Comin? – Steve Earle
  • Folksinger – Phranc
  • Come From the Shadows – Joan Baez
  • Bat out of Hell – Meatloaf
  • The River – Bruce Springsteen
  • The Very Best of Joan Armatrading – Joan Armatrading
  • Copperhead Road – Steve Earle
  • Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd
  • Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits
  • Outside – David Bowie
  • Passionoia – Black Box Recorder
  • Version 2.0 – Garbage
  • Too Young To Die (Greatest Hits) – St. Etienne
  • The Complete Recordings – Robert Johnson
  • Absolution – Muse
  • Kind of Blue – Miles Davis
  • The Soft Bulletin – The Flaming Lips
  • Queens of the stone age – Songs for the Deaf
  • Ryan Adams – Heatbreaker
  • Blood On The Tracks – Bob Dylan
  • Midnight Marauders – Tribe Called Quest
  • Tommy – The Who

My three

  • Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death – The Dead Kennedys
  • The Celts – Enya
  • Predator – Ice Cube

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