I’ve never mentioned it before because it never crossed my mind but i’ve seen a lot of bloggers lately stating that they would blog more often (or would simply be less irritated) if they didn’t have to log on to their blogging site, log in to their page, go through the management interface all just to write their post.

It can be much simpler of course. | Helping Bloggers Succeed

I use a plugin for Firefox written by these guys at performancing, called (funnily enough) performancing and it is an -excellent- little tool.  A single mouse click brings up a half-page interface where you can write new posts and publish them (whilst setting up your categories etc) as well as examine your older posts and edit them, all without going near your blog yourself.  Its a bit like writing each post seperately and handing it off to someone else to go and publish.

Setup is simple, particularly if your using one of the bigname blog sites such as wordpress (like me). To use wordpress as an example, you just need to type in your blog url, which it will detect as wordpress, and type in your username and password.  Thats it, the software takes care of the west.

Ahh McCain, you’ve done it again.


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