I mentioned Escape pod earlier as a great place for audio fiction – well, through one of their casts i’ve found another.  Podiobooks.com releases entire books and anthologies through their website, mostly under a creative commons licence.  You set up your subscriptions through their site and they’ll send you the book in chapters. You can set it to deliver them daily, weekly or monthly, or even hit “send now” to manually force the site to send you the pieces right away.

Some of the books are in serialised form, so you can’t always get all the pieces at once (if they havn’t been released by the author), but they continue to be available after the series is over.

If you enjoy fiction, or podcasting, or both you owe it to yourself to check out this site.  Personally, i’ve just subscribed to “Voices”, an anthology of genre fiction taken from podcaster authors and narrated by the authors themselves.  Recommended by Escape Pod.

The written and spoken word is alive and well.


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