Inform 7

Argh! How could I have missed this!!! The biggest news to hit the IF writing and playing community in years and I’m 9 days late, the agony.

April 30th 2006 will go down in history as the day that saw the release of Inform 7 – a complete rewrite of Inform 6, which was itself the single most used programming language for writing Interactive Fiction (games which were known in the 80’s as “Text Adventures”).

Anyone who can recall the glory days of Infocom and Zork has probably at some point felt a bit nostalgic for those days.  If that is you now is the perfect time to get involved!  Not only has a fan based community been flourishing for more than a decade creating new IF games and distributing them around themselves but the release of Inform 7 promises to make it easier than ever before to write them yourself.

I’ve downloaded the package and i’ll let you know the verdict soon.


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