And so it begins…

Well, here I am with my brand new blog. I'm a software engineer and i've noticed as I search for solutions to the problems I encounter in my daily work life that more and more of the assistance I find on the web is coming from personal blogs of other developers out there that have come across and solved the problem themselves. This then is my attempt to add to the available knowledge space out there.

Some of you may be familiar with my previous short-lived blog at blogspot "A Codepoet's corner". I hadn't updated in a long time and I got quite tired of the bugs I kept finding and the problems I had with the blog. So I thought i'd give wordpress a go.

I might bring some of my previous solutions over from my old page and will attempt to provide useful articles as often as I can.

Till then, welcome! Put your feet up and don't go anywhere. Takeoff will begin momently.


One thought on “And so it begins…

  1. feet are up, cat is in lap, repeat, cat is in lap!
    ready for intrigue, mad coding riffs, and cute stories about your cat.

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